Advantages of Putting Video on a Website

Video has always been an effective marketing tool for business. So why haven’t you added video to your website?

In the past streaming video on a website, in real time, just wasn’t possible. But with the proliferation of broadband Internet access and the advancements made in media-playing software, the majority of Internet users (estimated at 97%) can now view online video in real-time.

For Sun Microsystems this was a huge difference maker. After posting video on their company website, Sun Microsystems saw daily traffic jump from 12,000 viewers to 42,000 viewers in less than a year.

Putting video on a website. How to use it.

Putting video on a website is a great idea. Use it for things like:

1) Demos: products, services and facility tours
2) Customer Testimonials
3) Training and Support
4) Messages from Management
5) Reports on new initiatives and major milestones

Putting video on a website makes good business sense.

Thinking of adding video to a website? Here are a few bottom-line reasons why streaming video on a website is a smart idea.

1) Convenience: on-line videos are available 24/7 from anywhere in the world
2) Save Money: eliminate video copying and shipping costs
3) Updating the content becomes more cost-effective
4) Results: One company found that their prospects and customers downloaded the video version of a case study on their website at a ratio of 6:1 compared to the printable version of their case study.