Making an impact

Content Case Studies

Here are a few real-world examples of how companies and their marketing partners have leveraged content to generate awareness, interest, sign-ups, leads and sales.

1. Content Emphasizing Expertise Helps Architecture Firm Drive Inquiries

THE SITUATION: In 2014 there was an Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in West Africa. Healthcare professionals around the world were concerned about the potential spread of the virus and how they could prevent exposure in their facilities.

THE CONTENT: FreemanWhite, an architecture firm that specializes in healthcare design and consulting, helped educate healthcare professional by authoring content on infection control practices and emergency room design. The content appeared in major industry publications.

THE RESULT: FreemanWhite’s content efforts led to 29 hospitals inquiring about their architectural services.

2. Consulting Company Uses Storytelling Content to Boost Traffic, Followers and Sales

THE SITUATION: Capgemini had a multi-faceted problem. The awareness of their brand was low, they needed to boost the reputation of their consultants, revenue growth was slow and they were falling behind their competitors.

THE CONTENT: Capgemini created a storytelling website which featured content that answered the real questions and challenges of the brand’s customers when it came to subjects like big data and the cloud.

THE RESULT: A year later the storytelling content had delivered nearly one million new visitors to the brand website, over 100,000 new followers to their LinkedIn page, 1.8 million shares of their content and nearly $1 million in sales. In year two it was responsible for $5 million in sales.

3. Helpful Business Guides Just the Content Needed to Boost Traffic to Insurance Co Website

THE SITUATION: Simply Business, the largest insurance broker in the UK, wanted to drive more organic traffic to their website and in turn sell more insurance.

THE CONTENT: Realizing they didn’t have to focus on insurance in order to sell it, Simply Business centred their efforts on creating guides that business owners could reference for assistance with various business tasks, including: email productivity, Google Ads, WordPress, business blogging and social media.

THE RESULT: The content efforts resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic to their website and increased Google rankings for the keywords their content was targeting.

4. White Paper Content and a Diagnostics Tool Help Connect ADP with New Customers

THE SITUATION: ADP, a provider of human capital management solutions, wanted to generate new leads and sales.

THE CONTENT: A content marketing campaign was created that was designed to connect and engage with the target audience using white papers and a diagnostic assessment tool.

THE RESULT: The content campaign generated over $1 million in new sales opportunities with several deals closed within the first three months of launch.

5. Retention Content Helps OpenText Acquire New Business and Customers

THE SITUATION: OpenText, a software solution for enterprise information management, wanted to generate up-sell and cross-sell with new customers.

THE CONTENT:  A personalized, new customer onboarding site was created to welcome clients. The site included helpful content such as white papers, checklists, product pages, ebooks and case studies, as well as a two-phase nurturing campaign.

THE RESULT: 31 new up-sell/cross-sell opportunities were generated, worth $1.8 million.

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