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Content Packages

1. Showcase Your Industry Knowledge with Content Expertise

Within your organization are a variety of experts who possess valuable insight and knowledge about the field your company operates in. Make prospects aware of that expertise. Prove that expertise to visitors to your website. And reinforce that expertise with existing clients. How? Activate your experts by producing, posting and marketing expert content.


Package includes:

  • Discovery Client Meeting
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Content Posting & Marketing
  • Set Up Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics
2. Enhance the Conversion Rate of Your Services Pages Content

Your website’s Services pages are your website’s ‘revenue’ pages. Why? Because when a prospect is comparing solutions with the intent to purchase, they visit your website’s Services pages. The more compelling your Services pages are, the more effective they’ll be at converting prospects into customers.


Package includes:

  • Discovery Client Meeting
  • Analysis of Current Conversion Rate
  • 5-point Content Analysis of Your Services pages
  • Content Editing & Writing
3. Have Content Rank Better for Your Target Keywords

Is your website not ranking well in the Google search results for the keywords you are targeting? With this package I will discover why, determine what steps need to be taken to improve your keyword ranking, and implement the changes.


Package includes:

  • Discovery Client Meeting
  • Review & Recommendations (Content, Keywords, SEO, Domain Authority, Competitors)
  • Keyword Research & Implementation
  • Content Writing & Editing
  • On-page SEO
  • Back Link Strategy

4. Marketing Funnel Content

Ensure all 5 stages of your marketing funnel are providing the information prospects are seeking and moving them along to the next stage.


Stage 1: Awareness-building Content. Big-picture content that helps make prospects aware of trends, challenges and/or pain points they and their industry cohorts could be facing now or in the future and what can be done to address these issues.


Stage 2: Interest-fueling Content. The prospect understands the issues they are facing; now they are interested in reviewing content that allows them to discover possible solutions to them.


Stage 3: Comparison Content. Now that the prospect is aware of the solutions available in the marketplace, they want content that will delve deeper and compare how the various solutions available in the marketplace stack up against one another so they can zero in on a choice.


Stage 4: Decision-making Content. The prospect is ready to buy and is looking for content that will encourage them to choose your solution. Typically case studies that illustrate how your solution solved a similar problem for another company are the most effective.


Stage 5: Customer-retention Content. One of the keys to business growth is encouraging existing customers to purchase again. Staying in touch with customers with content that educates them on the features and benefits of your solution will help build loyalty, renewals and referrals.


Package includes:

  • Discovery Client Meeting
  • Background Review
  • Content Mapping: outlines the content required for all 5 stages of the marketing funnel:
  • Content Development

5. Website Content

Whether your website content needs a refresh or you’re starting from ground zero, I can ensure your website’s content is on brand, engages prospects with a customer-centric point of view, is keyword targeted and optimized for search following Google-recommended best practices.


Package includes:

  • Discovery Client Meeting
  • Sitemap Development
  • Keyword Research and Recommendations
  • Content Development
  • On-Page SEO

6. Content Audit

Website content not appearing in the Google search results? Content not measuring up to your key performance indicators? I can help you discover why by performing a comprehensive content audit.


Package includes:

  • Discovery Client Meeting
  • Review of Your Business Goals
  • Review of Marketing Goals
  • Review of Market Conditions
  • Review of Market Trends
  • Competitive Review
  • Review of Target Audience
  • Review Brand Guidelines
  • Content Review
  • Target Keyword Review
  • On-Page SEO Review
  • Review & Recommendations Report

7. Content Promotion

Every minute over 1,440 blog posts and over 500 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded to the Internet. That’s a lot of competition for your prospects’ and customers’ eyeballs. That’s why you can’t just rely on Google search to drive visitors to your website. Boost your content exposure and website traffic by promoting your latest content monthly via LinkedIn, an eNewsletter, trade publications and/or paid ads.


Package Includes:

  • Discovery Client Meeting
  • Developing Content Promotion Strategy
  • Initial setup of eNewsletter and/or Paid Ads
  • Monthly Management of Content Promotion Program
8. Monthly Content Packages

Lack the time, resources or expertise? Set up a monthly retainer arrangement with Tap-In Marketing and I will make sure your content requirements are met on a consistent, monthly basis. I offer a number of monthly content packages.


Brainstorm Session (1.5 hr.)

Meet with me once a month, in person or online, to brainstorm marketing strategy, content strategy, content ideas, your content calendar and more.

$125/mth. with a 12-mth. Retainer      (reg. $150 ea.)


Blog Post Writing

Up to 1,000 words. Includes reviewing supplied reference material, online researching, interviewing subject matter expert, writing and revisions.

$400/blog post with a 12-mth. Retainer      (reg. $450 ea.)


Case Study Writing

78% of B2B buyers view case studies as an important, determining factor in their purchase decision. Guarantee that case studies are being added to your website each month by outsourcing the fact-gathering, interviewing and writing required to Tap-In Marketing.

$500/case study with a 12-mth. Retainer      (reg. $550 ea.)


eNewsletter Writing

Stay top of mind and reinforce your industry expertise with your database of clients, prospects and colleagues by promoting helpful insights, articles, videos, webinars and research each month.

$400/eNewsletter with a 12-Mth Retainer      (reg. $450 ea.)


Website Maintenance

Services include executing: page and post set-ups; content edits, refreshes and uploads; image uploads and changes; and plug-in updates.

$75/mth. with a 12-Mth Retainer


Social Media Management

Includes: creating content calendar, daily post creation (image sourcing and copywriting), replying to follower comments, commenting on follower posts and a quarterly performance report.

$1500/mth. with a 12-mth. Retainer


CPC Content Promotion Management

Includes: creation of ad(s); set-up of campaign i.e. targeting, budget, cost-per-click, landing page, etc.; weekly monitoring, monthly performance report and recommendations throughout the course of the campaign. LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

$500/mth. with a 12-mth. Retainer

Require more than just content-related services? I offer other marketing services as well.