Don’t Bury Your Case Studies…Amplify Them

Many companies produce case studies.

This is good.

Then they upload their case studies to a CASE STUDY start page which is usually listed as a sub-menu item under a main menu item such as ABOUT or RESOURCES.

This is bad.

Here’s why.

According to a DemandGenReport, 78% of buyers consider case studies as an important, determining factor in their purchase decision.

78%–that’s a big number.

If case studies play such an influential role in the purchase decision, it doesn’t make sense to bury them on your website.

How to ensure your case studies get noticed

There are a number of ways you can draw more attention to your case studies and, in turn, leverage more of their persuasive power.

1. Make Them Easy to Find

Make your case studies easy to find for visitors to your website by changing CASE STUDIES from a sub-menu item to a main menu item.

2. Feature Them on Your Home Page

Feature your latest case study or a selection of case studies in a prominent area on your home page i.e. the page most visitors start on when visiting a website.

3. Go Beyond Your Website

Don’t restrict your case studies to just your website. Amplify the awareness of your case studies even further by doing the following:

-Cite relevant case studies in your blog posts

-Every time you publish a new case study promote it to your company’s social media followers

-Include your latest case study in your company e-Newsletter

-Have employees add a link to your website’s case study page to their email signatures

-Whenever sales people make a presentation ensure their pitch includes two or three relevant case studies

Content Takeaway:

Case studies are one of the primary pieces of content that prospects review when trying to decide which solution to purchase. Case studies hold a tremendous amount of influence, so don’t bury them. Make them easy for prospects to notice and discover.

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Photo Credit: Gazteaukera