Drive More Traffic to Your Website with Edu-pages

Did you know approximately 80% of the time when people go on the Internet…they are searching for information.

How to capitalize on the thirst for knowledge

Turn this desire to learn into another way to drive additional, organic traffic to your website by adding edu-pages to your website.

What are edu-pages?

Edu-pages are pages whose purpose is to serve as a source of information and/or education for your target audience.

3 key benefits to adding edu-pages to your website

1. Your website will appear in more Google search results.
2. You will drive additional visitors to your website.
3. You will enhance your position in your industry as a knowledgeable resource.

The secret to creating an effective edu-page

An edu-page will be effective at drawing people to your website if its content is NOT based on what you think your target audience wants to know but instead is based on what they want to know.

How to determine what they want to know

Conduct keyword research.

How does keyword research help?

By conducting keyword research, using an online tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, you can determine what keyword phrases people are using (and how often) when they search on Google for information that is relevant to the product or service you sell. Armed with this information, you can then create an edu-page whose content is built around these keywords.

Drive more organic traffic to your website. Add edu-pages to your content.

Photo Credit: Thoroughly Reviewed