Quality Website Content: now more important than ever

Google has always said that the quality of your website content is one of the most important factors it considers when ranking your website. Now Google means it more than ever.

image of a fighter jet dropping bombs as an analogy for how Google surprised everyone by dramatically changing their algorythm and made Quality Website Content more important than everThis point was underscored a few months back when, with the subtlety of a carpet bombing run, Google announced a major update to their algorithm; the programming formula they use to evaluate and rank websites for its search results.

It was called the Google Panda update, and though it sounds cute and cuddly, it was anything but. With its claws bared, the Google Panda update came out swinging, sending low-quality websites spiraling down the search results.

Even big companies such as J.C. Penney were caught in the path of the raging Google Panda update.  As reported in the New York Times, the 100+-year-old retailer got its hands slapped severely for cutting corners and accumulating backlinks from thousands of irrelevant, low-quality websites. When the dust settled, J.C. Penny had plummeted for a wide number of search terms. For example, for the search term “living room furniture” they went from number one on Google to number 68!

image of kungu fu panda in a kicking position illustrating how the Google Panda algorythm change delivered a kick to the groin to website's that didn't offer quality content

Why the Google Panda update was unleashed

From the very beginning, Google has strived to do one thing: provide users with a list of websites featuring the best quality website content. To do this, it uses an algorithm. Even though it’s never been made public, webmasters and questionable SEO companies have always devised shortcuts, tricks and ploys in an attempt to outsmart the algorithm so they can leap frog ahead in the search results. Because of this, Google is constantly refining its algorithm to thwart their attempts. This year alone, it plans to make roughly 500 tweaks!

What Google likes: good quality website content

Most website owners know that adding fresh website content is important to Google. But now, more than ever, the important thing is not the quantity of content it’s the quality of the content.

As the Google algorithm proves, you can’t fool Google with mediocre or marginal content and backlinks. Therefore, for best results, your web content should be what Google is trying to provide for its users: high-quality, in-depth and original. In other words write website content that will be so appreciated for its insight and value, that users will feel compelled to recommend it to others and Google will deem it worthy of a high ranking in its search results.

Photo Credit: Vortex Photography