How Canadians are Using Mobile for Search

image of cover of a report on how Canadian are using mobile to searchGoogle recently published a research report on mobile and how it’s driving conversion in Canada. The report is a quick, easy read with some good nuggets that can be mined for that next presentation on mobile marketing. A few of the noteworthy points discovered were:

Mobile search is always on: 8/10 mobile searches occur at home or at work.

Mobile search is purposeful: 41% of mobile searches are goal-oriented.

Mobile search is immediate: 75% of mobile conversions take place within one hour of search.

Mobile users search for a wide variety of information: 18% Arts & Entertainment, 10% News, Sports & Weather, 10% General Knowledge, 9% Social, 8% Food & Groceries, 6% Health Care & Fitness, 5% Store & Retail, 3% Restaurant, Bars & Dining and 3% Travel.

Retail and Fashion & Beauty register the highest conversion rates: 53% each.

Mobile search varies by location. For example, Food & Grocery searches soar when users are in-store. Restaurant, Bars & Dining searches are highest when people are on the go and Travel searches are highest when people are at work…hmm…sounds like people would rather be somewhere else than on the job.

To read the full report, just click on this link: Mobile Search Moments in Canada.

Photo credit: Google Canada.