How to convince a client to be in your case study

image of a traffic light showing green for go to illustrate how you can convince a client to say yes to being in your marketing case studyAs everyone knows a case study is a great marketing tool for showcasing to potential customers how a product or service your company offers impacted a client’s success. Producing one and adding it to your website and sale collateral arsenal is a smart move. But what if that client won’t consent to being featured in your case study?

Here’s the problem

From your perspective, the benefits of producing a case study are obvious: it will position your business as a proven and worthy vendor that has the ability to deliver. That’s how most clients will see it too; it’s all about you. You’re asking them for a favour–to publicly endorse your company–but they’re going to get little in return. So, instead your client says “no” and offers up reasons why such as, “We don’t want to tip our hand to our competitors” or “Legal would never approve it”.

Make your case study about the client, not you

When you approach a client about being in a case study, they shouldn’t view it as a favour to you or as a risk. They should see it as a benefit to them. So flip it around. Reinforce that it will be a case study written so it’s about the client, their story and their success. Turn it into a tool they can use to impress their potential clients. Then support this approach:

  • stress the visibility their company will gain from you publishing the case study in trade publications and on your website and in your e-newsletter
  • invite them to participate in speaking engagements where you are presenting the case study
  • provide a financial incentive such as reduced fees on your services or products
  • and as a simple, much appreciated touch, have your CEO send them a thank you letter, personally-signed

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