Facebook not a B2B marketing vehicle? Think again.

Ask most B2B marketers and they’ll tell you that Facebook is a marketing vehicle for consumer products not business-to-business products. But they would be wrong. When used in the right context, Facebook can be a very affective B2B marketing tool.

image of the Volvo construction equipment Facebook page to illustrate how Facebook can be an effective B2B marketing tool.Recently I came across a blog post that highlighted how three B2B companies—Volvo Construction Equipment, IBM and Lattice Engines, an analytics company—have leveraged Facebook to successfully market their companies.

Facebook boosts Volvo Construction Equipment’s email database by 1,200

In the case of Volvo Construction Equipment they were able to add 1,200 names to their prospect email list. In fact, Volvo Construction Equipment has been so pleased with the results of their social media efforts that they had this to say, “For Volvo Construction Equipment, Facebook has been the number one social media platform for generating leads”.

To discover how Volvo Equipment, IBM and Lattice Engine are achieving B2B marketing success using Facebook, take a few minutes and read the blog post, B2B Marketing on Facebook? Yes! So Say IBM, Volvo, Salesforce & Lattice Engines.

Photo Credit: Volvo