Expert Content: Let them write it or write it for them?

The employees who work for your company have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

Naturally you want to leverage this goldmine to produce marketing content to promote the depth of expertise your employees and company possess.

But what’s the best way to do this?

It depends.

Two ways to produce expertise content

1. Have your content experts write it themselves.

Giving internal experts the responsibility of writing expertise content is the option most companies go with first. Makes sense, right? After all, they are the experts.

Unfortunately in a lot of cases it doesn’t work out and companies end up switching to option 2.

2. Have someone interview your experts and write the content for them.

Why would a company have someone else other than their internal experts write their expert content?

Because content production has fallen behind schedule.

This is not uncommon.

According to a survey done by Zazzle Media, 60% of marketers said producing content on a consistent basis is their number one challenge when it comes to content marketing.

What causes inconsistent content production?

So, why do so many internal content experts drop the ball when it comes to meeting their content writing deadlines?

Here are some of the most common reasons why.

-Time crunched—too many deadlines to meet for their ‘real job.

-Writer’s block—not sure what to write about.

-Intimidated by the amount of words they’ve been asked to produce.

-Unmotivated i.e. never wanted to write in the first place; it was their supervisor’s idea.

-Sadly, some are just procrastinators.

Content Takeaway:

Leveraging your internal experts to produce expertise content is a great idea. Recruit internal experts to write it but monitor the situation. If content production becomes inconsistent be prepared to go with Plan B and have someone else write the content instead.

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