Meta Page Title Tags: Why Every Web Page Craves Them

If your web pages don’t have meta page title tags, you’re making it hard for Google to find you.

What are meta page title tags?

A meta page title tag is not the title or headline at the top of the content on your webpage. A meta page title tag appears in the source code of your web page. The source code is what Google reads when it is trying to determine what your web page is all about.

Why having meta page title tags on every page matters

When someone goes on Google and enters a search term, Google sets out to find the best possible match. This process involves sifting through millions and millions of web pages. The first thing Google does, in order to differentiate between web pages is, it looks at the text in the meta page title tags found in the source code of every web page.

Meta page title tags are like the title on a recipe card

Think of it this way. If I handed you a recipe box and said find me a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, you’re going to flip through all the recipes, looking at the titles, until you see a title that says “chocolate chip cookies”. Now imagine if there were no titles on any of the recipe cards. It would be virtually impossible to find the recipe because the titles wouldn’t differentiate one recipe from another.

image of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies used as a metaphor for the importance of Meta Page Title Tags: Why Every Web Page Craves ThemThe Internet is like a gigantic recipe card box. Each recipe card represents a web page. If your web pages don’t have meta page title tags on them, you’re making it harder for Google to find your web pages.

How to add meta page title tags to your web pages

If your website has a content management system it may already feature an input area where you can write and update your meta page title tags. If not, your web programmer should be able to add this feature fairly simply. For older websites, that don’t have a content management system, you will have to write your meta page title tags separately and then have your web programmer manually insert them into the source code of each web page. Have a website built on WordPress, Joomla, Blogger or any of the other mainstream blogging platforms? There should be a free plug-in available that will allow you to add meta page title tags to your web pages.

Adding meta page title tags is one part of the on-page seo efforts you should employ. By simply adding meta page title tags your web pages can go from being buried to being found on Google.

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