Need a point of difference? Think like an individual.

image of a red apple amongst a batch of green apples to illustrate that if you want to stand out from the competition you need to market a point of difference about your company, product or serviceWhen your product or service is pretty much the same as your competitors it makes it tough to stand out in the marketplace. As every marketer knows, ideally you should have a point of difference. To create one, savvy companies are turning to an individualization approach.

What is individualization?

Individualization is a growing trend that allows companies to meet the personal needs and tastes of individual consumers. Basically it gives customers the opportunity to feel like an individual by providing them with a customized product or experience.

How can individualization be achieved?

Individualization can be achieved in a variety of ways. A German drugstore has created a smartphone app that lets customers order personal care products with customized labels. Zappos, the online clothing retailer, is doing it another way. Send an Instagram selfie into Zappos, and they’ll have a stylist review your pic and provide you with individualized fashion tips, free of charge. Want to know how your room will look? At Lowe’s you can enter paint colours, fixtures and finishes into an iPad and then step into a holographic room to see how your personal space will look before you buy.

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Photo credit: flazingo_photos