The Quickest, Simplest Way to Rank High on Google

image of a running sprinter bursting from the starting blocks as a visual analogy for the Quickest, Simplest Way to Rank High on GoogleIf your business is targeting a local market, one of the quickest, simplest ways for your organization to rank well on Google is by creating a Google My Business page.

What is a Google My Business page?

Google My Business is Google’s local business directory. Whenever someone conducts a search for a product or service, Google tries to find the best local solution. In most cases, what comes up on the first page in the Google search results are the Google My Business listings. They’re the search results with the little balloon beside them (see image below).

image of a screen capture of the Google search results to illustrate why having a Google My Business listings is the first marketing initiative you should implment because your listing will usually appear at the top of the organic search resultsWho are Google My Business pages ideal for?

If your company offers any kind of product or service and your goal is to attract customers from the area where you are located, than you should definitely set up a Google My Business page. Best of all, it’s free to create one of these pages and add your business to the listings.

How to make sure your Google My Business page ranks well

When creating your Google My Business page remember what search engines like Google are always trying to do; find the most relevant search results for the keyword search term that has been entered. So make sure your Google My Business page is optimized for the search engines. How? By not just creating a quick listing. Fill out all the information that’s being asked for, upload photos, and use keywords in your descriptions. The more detailed your Google My Business page is the higher you will rank in the search results.

Don’t stop with just a Google My Business page

Did you know the other major search engines have local business listings too? So, after you’ve created a Google My Business page, take the extra time to set up a page on Bing Places, Yahoo Local and Yelp too, that way if someone conducts a search on one of these other search engines, you’ll have a strong presence there too.

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