2 Overlooked Reasons to Produce Expertise Content

Ask marketing managers why they want to create content that promotes the expertise of their people and most will tell you it’s for generating inbound leads.

In other words, they are hoping that by producing expertise content (i.e. blog posts, videos and reports) prospects will discover it while searching on Google and become aware of their company.

But here’s what people overlook…

Yes, creating awareness of your expertise with prospects is a good reason to publish expertise content, but it’s not the only reason.

In fact, there are two more important reasons to do it:

  • to prove your expertise
  • to reinforce your expertise


To understand what I mean you must realize that there are three distinct audiences for your expertise content.

Audience #1: Google Prospects (awareness)

Google Prospects become aware of your company’s expertise after searching on Google for a solution to a problem and discovering your expertise content.

Audience #2: Referral Prospects (prove)

Referral Prospects have been referred to your company by a colleague. They go directly to your website to check you out. They are seeking proof of your company’s expertise. To do this they review expertise content found on your website.

Audience #3: Existing Customers (reinforce)

Existing Customers already believe in your company’s expertise. By continually exposing them to new expertise content (via e-newsletter or social media) you are reinforcing that their decision to select your company was a wise one, increasing the probability that you will get additional work from them and that they will refer your company to colleagues.

Content Takeaway:

So remember, the purpose of producing expertise content is for more than just generating awareness of your expertise. It’s for proving and reinforcing your expertise too.

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Photo Credit: MadFishDigital