What Every Social Media Plan Should Start With

image of a cart before a horse to illustrate that What Every Social Media Plan marketing Should Start With is not the social media but a strategic planSocial media marketing doesn’t deliver results without great content. Great content will engage your audience. That’s why every social media plan should actually start with a content marketing plan.

Step 1: Determine what your brand stands for

The content that you produce and post on social media is an opportunity to promote what your brand stands for. That’s why the first step to creating your content marketing plan is determining what three to five key business attributes you want to reinforce. In other words, your posts should be about the things you want to be known for.

Step 2: Commit your attributes to paper

Type up the key attributes you’re going to build your content around and tack them on the wall in front of you. When work gets busy it’s easy to fall into the trap of posting or re-tweeting something randomly. With your key attributes staring you back in the face, you’ll be reminded to stick to the plan and only post items that reinforce your brand.

Step 3: Create a content calendar

Coming up with a relevant topic for your next post can be daunting at times. Ease the burden by taking some time to do a little research and brainstorming so you can come up with five or six topics to post about, ahead of time.

Step 4: NOW plan what social media platforms to use

So many companies have set up LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media pages before they have determined what type of content they’ll be posting. This is a big mistake. You can only know which social media platforms will be most effective at delivering your content, when you know what your content will be about. The bottom line with social media marketing is don’t put the cart before the horse; do your content marketing plan first.

Photo Credit: phrases.org