Why Your Blog Posts Should Link to Your Services Pages

Most people who read a blog post don’t turn into a conversion afterwards (i.e. an inquiry or sale).

Why not?

Because if they’re reading a blog post on your website they’re not “looking to buy” they’re “looking to learn”.

Blog Posts don’t convert; Services Pages do

When someone comes to your website to read a blog post they have an information intent i.e. they want to expand their understanding and knowledge.

Information intent doesn’t lead to someone purchasing or calling.

In fact, according to Orbit Media, the conversion rate for visitors who start their visit on an informational blog post is usually a fraction of 1%.

Yes, you read correctly, less than 1%.

Services pages are a different story.

Unlike blog posts which are written to inform about a topic, services pages are written to sell.

Always link your Blog Posts to a Services Page

Services pages are your revenue pages. Give them a chance to do what they were designed to do i.e. convert.

Whenever you write a blog post about a particular pain point,…

… include an internal link or a call-to-action that links to a services page that sells a solution to that challenge.

Content Takeaway:

The relationship between blog posts and services pages is like fishing. Your informational blog posts are the bait that attracts customers to your website. Your selling services pages are the hook that reels them in for the conversion.

See how your Services Pages measure up. Have Tap-In Marketing conduct a quick review and provide recommendations.

Photo Credit: La Ciudad